Iamthewitness Is Gone

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Originally posted by 14 words. Great Dedication to duty he exemplifies!

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Become Pro-White

Originally posted by 14 words, a dedicated advocate of the Fantastic White Race.

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Right-wing activists scale Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate

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Your ship is sinking. When will you know?


The Captain knows the ship is sinking.
At best he knew before leaving port that it probably would sink, based upon intelligence and clarity of that intelligence.
At worse, He had been foreworned-play on the word forewarned.
The discovery of an English submarine stalking the ship – true event, 1945, is agonizing to the Captain but not a surprise.
Maybe the German Captain prayed, maybe he stuck his chin out proudly and waited for what was coming…the end of his mortal life and 15,000. Yes, 15 thousand men women and children.

When did you know a torpedo struck your ship far from shores and in icy waters?
Did you need to be told the English did it?
Did you get some warning, anything before or- God Help us all- as you boarded the vessel?
Yes! Considering the Times: WWII,  your gut told you that fate would be dark and cruel this trip.

Fast Forward to 2016.
Your ship is sinking.
Your captain knows it. The crew now knows it. When will you know?

The oil and banking industries are the “English” stalking you. They know the  ship  they own is sinking, but they are not on it with you and those you tenderly love.

Trust me;  The  guilty will be visited  later.

For now, pause and ponder the horror of those fathers, mothers, sons and daughters sinking into icy graves. The pitiable looks as loving faces disappear beneath the frigid waves. Then and now.
In spite of early and repeated warnings you boarded the Oil Company and Banker vessel and still you will not know the treacherous truth until the torpedo which is now enroute, arrives and drowns millions and millions this time.
And that is vury Intersteen!

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Why Operation SAMSON backfires.


Operation Samson is the one I have been dreaming of for so many years.
Hardly a day of prayer, study and discussion takes place without my mention of Samson.
For those of you who never sounded the depths of Samson;his story in the 13th chapter of Judges, then let me help you out:


Satan Netanyahu poses for DER SPIEGEL a German puppet magazine for the die masse ( the masses)
The Mirror indeed! Haha!
Satan loves posing and in this pose he pretends to be looking at his target.
Who is his target?
Right now, it is China and North Korea, because they will not bow to the goddamned edomites in ” isRA EL” Satan’s children. I Say goddamned because the edomites are damned by GOD and have no chance of redemption…EVER!
Sound the depths of John 5:39 and 8:44
Do you see what is being said?

I digress.

Samson was a Nazarite at birth..God’s command to Samson’s parents before entrusting the babe to be birthed to them.
Some interesting commands must be obeyed by Nazarites, one is that
    No unclean meats will be eaten by them!

Thou shalt not eat of the unclean meats!


Well aside from the command on unclean meats, Nazarites are not to cut their hair untill thair vow is accomplished.
Samson revealed to his Philistine wife, that his great strength lay in his uncut hair. You can read the events in the book of Judges for yourself, I am going to reveal something to you that GOD showed me years ago.

The German people eat so much Pork that you wonder about a hidden agenda somewhere. I do.

In today’s lesson I will reveal to you that the German tribes are the original children of Isaac, son of Abraham..whom God chose to receive the great inheritance promised to Abraham and his seed.
The German people have worshipped the Sun, the moon, the FISH and the Swine
They have married inter racially and quite honestly, played the great Whore.

When German eyes are opened- and it will be this year, they will renounce their unclean ways and repent.
Woe unto the worthless edomites when that happens! Woe! Woe! Woe!

Please do not ask me to prove what I am saying.
Verily you have believed the liars revealed in Revelation 2:9
You believe the present day ” Jew” is GOD’s chosen people. All without saying, PROVE IT !
Well they are chosen alright…for total destruction! Total!ABSOLUTE destruction and that is all they are fit for! They have been behind every deception, every sin, every war and every filth including Sodomy since the days of their father, Esau.
I have studied for decades and I cannot and will not attempt to do your homework for you.
Just watch and see as the wicked ” Jews” in “is RA el” suffer the wrath of Nordic tribes raped, plundered and cheated for so long! By these goddamned bankers, lawyers ,gypsies, and jewel thieves. And I do mean goddamned!
Study! Pray!and….
Have your eyes opened!

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