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How to commit subtle but effective Genocide

usque ad Inferos etiam frangit solveris ( until all Hell breaks loose) Ø Pass legislation to outlaw “hate crimes”: be broad and vague about the meaning of these crimes until your targeted race “j walks”, spits on the sidewalk, fails … Continue reading

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A trip to Mars with a stop at the ” Gerrymander” Milky Way, lounge. what lizards think of Earthlings and what Mantis have to say..A meeting with Sherlock Holmes…after the Reichenbach Falls, fills this story with amusement and awe. Continue reading

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War on Christmas continued.

The war on Christmas is tragic. It is tragic because Christmas should never have been celebrated. The best that can be defended concerning this abomination is the lie that it is for ” The children”..( Ba rumpa ba bum) The … Continue reading

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White Nationalism Solution

               White nationalism  Can we mention Germany without someone using the word “Nazi”?  Can we use the term “war for Southern independence” without someone charging up the hill with the word “slavery” echoing?   … Continue reading

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