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    Traveling at speeds well under warp,was still  slightly too fast for my camera, so the images are a little blurred. Getting past the Greys to leave Earth, was not the problem; It was getting past NASA; They do not want you to leave Earth.  Reason?  No one  ever returns!
( by the way; I am not here and you are not reading this!)

    Rocket speeds to Mars, and the stars, are changing, even as you read this and unless you understand ,fully, the touch screen on your Google 7, don’t ask how I left Earth; just say I took the bus.

   My Bus, a Milk run, with several stops, made the trip in 36 hours, with a  memorable three-hour layover at  Gerrymander Dragon, a popular Restaurant and lounge, hosted by the Lizards.

  My stop at Gerrymander ,located at the Milky Way Mansion,  near Orion’s arm, was inadvertent, ,inimitable, as well as unforgettable!
  The Lizards who host Gerrymander are chameleon, but look more acanthropterygian,because of the noticeable spined fins on the back of their heads and necks and they are known for their love of swimming.( they can stay submerged not unlike Bass or Perch !)
   The talk of Mars graces  every conversation at the Gerrymander, as it does among excited tender foots, or Chinooks, as they are called. The lounge fills with excited guests who are met by equally joyous hosts.

    The lizards, highly intelligent, stand stately, if not regal, at about 5ft.5. The tallest just under Five-nine.  Rumors of Lizards exceeding this stature are not from our solar system and are just that- unconfirmed rumors.
    Lizards are exceedingly gentle,polite,informative and professional.
They are fond of three things: sunlight,swimming and laughter.

   The Domes of the Mansion supply the  warm sunlight; the pools of the cisterns supply the  cool water, and Earthlings supply the hearty laughter.

   As Earthlings find cheerfully entertaining, the antics of playful monkeys, the Lizards find Earthlings insane,which, in space, is cheerfully entertaining.
Insanity makes no sense in space,  so it is viewed as deliberate entertainment.

     ” If lizards like us so well,” I asked my Mantis waiter,  ” why don’t they come over and talk, instead of standing there looking, rolling their eyes and brushing their heads?”
“You made me laugh at that one! ” said the Mantis, “You Earthlings are truly comical!”
I watched the Mantis flutter its wings.( a sign of laughter)
        ” I don’t understand.” I said , the huge lounge came alive with Laughter. ” Hahaha! Woooohahaha!”
   ” You are doing it again!” The Mantis, nodded to me. ” on Earth, you have comedians who point out every insane thing you do and you laugh uncontrollably, and say you do not understand !
surely you see why this is hilarious ? The Lizards think you are comedians.!”
     ” This is  possible for a mere 1.1 of 1.1 seconds- out here -with an out-dated  bubble ,” my pilot said, typing a command into a  3D screen as she engaged Warp speed.  
      “I need to  catch up to Mars, to stay on schedule”, she explained, ” or you’ll be  back on Gerrymander  for another 18 hours…waiting for the next Cruiser,” ( she looks at her schedule)” the Tam O’Shanter, which would be worth the wait; she is a vessel so vast and architectonic, that Celtic people often remain onboard, spending their entire vacation in the Arcadia.!”
She looked to see how that might appeal to me.

   Earth is nearly twice the size of Mars which has the tallest two mountains of all the planets in our solar system; this shrinks the usable mass of the planet considerably, unless you factor in the thousands of visitors each year who come to climb Olympus Mons ( 21.9 km, or 14 miles high ) and Ascraeus Mons (14.9 km, or 9.3 miles high).
  Since everyone else in the solar system can climb but we Earthlings,( who need ropes,harness, carabineers,mountain boots and a long list of stuff, especially underwear ),the importance of the mountains is a remarkable feature -to the climbers only.

   There are no native Martians. There is only the Annunaki, who claim to be from a star many light years away. They mine the Gold on Mars, which Is plentiful, they play host to visitors, they talk about a Library- The Library, they mention innumerable places they have been to, but they never go anywhere. They just seem to be always around, but with no visible means of transportation.

   ” What are they doing?” I asked my tour guide.
I watched as an Earthling  struggled with a tall and tenacious  Annunaki, who was dragging him toward the edge of a cliff; Although the Earthling, a male, looking rugged, sinewy and appearing to be well over six-feet tall, was no match  for the Annunaki  who was, undoubtedly, a full 18 inches taller , nearly twice  in bulk, and clearly more powerful than the Earthling!

     ” That,” my guide answered,” is the Reichenbach Falls, and, according to your legends, the final solution for  your protagonist,Sherlock Holmes! The Annunaki host is playing the part of the nemesis,Professor James Moriarty, and is taking his guest –Holmes-over  the Falls!”

  ” but..why the..uh, he…” I stammered, “the man does not want to go overrrrr the falls!”
  ” Precisely, Watson!”, My host mimicked ,smiling wryly,
      ” Neither did Holmes wish to go over!”.
” That Annunaki is nearly 8 feet tall!” I objected.
   ” True,” my guide agreed, ” he will grow another foot; he is a juvenile!”

I pondered that chilling revelation as  the Annunaki and his guest disappeared over the edge. A horrible scream reaching my ear, verified to me which one of the two had succumbed to the falls…as if I didn’t already know.

” Well!” My Guide  interrupted my thoughts- and horror!
        “Which one succeeded the Falls?”
” In the story,it_”

    ” Precisely Watson! let’s go meet our characters, shall we? The game’s a foot!”
   We entered into a large geometric dome ,were met by a waiter and seated. I asked for java, which is not coffee, by the way, but a play on the Annunaki word for this vapor, Diamha, an inter-galactic ” tea”. I looked about assessing the  picturesque decor … More Mantis, such as my guide,  I noticed. When  Suddenly, two figures entered the dome and came straight to our table. It was “Holmes” and “Moriarty”!
   ” That was, forgive the play on words, out of this world!” The Earthling exclaimed, adding a long whistle for emphasis.
   ” That is a mere nibble of the cake awaiting you tomorrow,”
The Annunaki Moriarty, answered, as he gestured to  the empty seats.
As they both sat down, Moriarty, looked pleasantly at me to include me in his next remark, ” Tomorrow, the Rs of Mars!”
-to be continued.


About danielsion

I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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    I was totally drawn in to your writing – I love the names you use, and humor! How fun! Keep it up!


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