How to commit subtle but effective Genocide

usque ad Inferos etiam frangit solveris ( until all Hell breaks loose)

Ø Pass legislation to outlaw “hate crimes”:
be broad and vague about the meaning of these crimes until your targeted race “j walks”, spits on the sidewalk, fails to wear a seat belt, or does not “come to a complete stop at the stop sign.”, woe unto them if they do not have driver’s Licence, registration and Insurance! ( your laptop dogs will not be asked to produce these..heck, do not even stop them, to begin with. Political suicide)
Your targeted race will never know they are the only ones you stop.
Accuse all acts by your target as “racial” and unacceptable In a
civilized Society. Do not enforce the legislation where your lapdogs are involved.
Fill your I R S with your lapdog race and target only your victims.
( who’ gonna know?)
Ø Promote immorality within your targeted race: Accomplish redefining morality by cleverly denigration and degeneration of principles.
Ø Legalize sodomy and same sex marriage after your redefinition of morality is accomplished .
Ø Secretly fund and empower immoral groups and give them legal power while you take away legal power from your targeted race .To fund this, tell your victims they owe 17 trillion dollars! Wooohahaha!
Ø In the event that your targeted race is the original MAN, proclaim that everyone is “HUman”; you will not need to offer a reason
why you added ” Hu” thus avoiding the true definition .
Ø Use phrases such as ,”we bleed the same color blood!”, never mentioned that so do vultures,swine and hyenas; most of all, loudly
announce this :
Ø ” God created us all equal,
Ø There is not an iota of truth in this, but you can walk away with a condescending smirk on your face.

Ø Raise taxes to an oppressive level and prosecute the targeted race to the fullest extent , while you nod and wink at the other races,who failed to pay any taxes altogether.
Ø Report nationally, every petty crime the targeted race commits, but remain silent on the heinous atrocity the other races commit.( and they will be heinous!)
Ø Bring in the Roman solution, you know, the hoards of other races, that vacated Rome; bring them by the tens of millions,by air conditioned bus, big old jet airliners, and WallyWorld banana boats. Place them among your targeted race and pretend you do not know how these millions just walked across the border.
Ø Hypnotize everyone in your Constitutional Republic that they live in a “Democracy”. Repeat this lie until everyone believes it;
This helps in your “Democracy” of Mob rule, when you spout, ” it is what the majority wants!” ,Your targeted race will no longer
be a majority and will not have a voice in their certain demise
Ø .
Ø What history you can invent, be creative and brutal! Paint a picture of your targeted race as a demon! Quite frankly teach that
he is the original devil.
Ø Also take history you may not be able to invent and revise it!
Show your targeted race as the nemesis of advancement, culture and education.
Ø Show your targeted race as people marauding around in white sheets burning crosses ,buildings , churches- yes! especially churches!
Show them hanging members of other races just because they are racist..never mind these victims of racism were found in the locality of some raped, disfigured and dead, juvenile girls belonging to your targeted race.
Accuse the hanging of being “racist” so that everyone forgets a crime was committed on the girls and not a crime committed.. by upstanding, philanthropic citizens which were just hanged,( they just happened to be jobless, away from their habitat,prior offenders, most wanted suspects in other murders and wearing bloody clothes.)
Ø Dress your own agents in these same sheets;burn, pillage and murder in the name of your targeted race; no one is going to figure out that you are the only ones who can get among these other races without challenge.( did you wear the sheet driving there? Change in a gas station bathroom, change in Walmart? Just when did you put it on?)
Ø Announce nationally ,that you are cutting back Ten Billion Dollars on Welfare aid, then smile wryly because you know you will only cut back on the welfare funds to the targeted race.
They will not even notice other races are still filling buggies at WallyWorld and they themselves cannot.
Ø Scratch your head and shrug your shoulders:when 9 trillion dollars disappear from the Federal Reserve… Free automobiles, free phones ,free money,and a whopping amount in all kinds of aid to the other races “south of the border” wooohahaha!
( shhh!)
Ø Promote interracial marriage.Breed your Targeted race out ( you will also get bigger, stronger and dumber slaves.)
You have no idea, the ignomy they experience being called “bigot”, ####tard” “racist” and other vulgaries by traiters of their own race! Altogether now! Har! Har! Har!
Ø Have your news media glamorize witches, vampires,zombies and serial killers all depicted and played by members of your targeted race .
Ø Create a department of ” Human Services” and train them to focus on your targeted race.
Have a “cultural history” month mandated for every school child , especialy your targeted race. This makes it sooo much easier to taunt, belittle and hypnotize your offensive target.
Ø When a deadly “game” of assault erupts,victimizing your targeted race and becomes viral,(which is inevitable at this point.) blame it on City life, boredom, disadvantaged races and , your own silent approval.
Ø Convince the other races that they still do not have enough reparation,retribution and recontre, concerning your targeted race.
Ø Make it a hate crime if your targeted race says anything positive about their own race and by all means prosecute severely any of them displaying bumper stickers with the words, “ I am proud to be [ name your targeted race here].
Ø Make work conditions so hard and expensive on your Targeted Race that they cannot possibly afford children; Their taxes go to give the litters born to the other races.
Ø Invent a medical scam involving insurance so expensive your targeted race will die out. Imagine! They will NEVER know what you have done to them:)

Ø Caveat: Do your Historical search extremely careful and detailed: Who is your targed race? What will they do to you if you fail, they wake up and look around and see what you are doing?


About danielsion

I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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6 Responses to How to commit subtle but effective Genocide

  1. starsword says:

    Your description of the Anununaki is unnervingly vivid, you speak as though you reall have met them, and their relationship to the Nephilim makes a lot of sense, also, to those of us who have studied their lore. Fantastic piece of writing, friend.


  2. starsword says:

    oops I somehow posted this comment to the wrong blog post, will reply to the appropriate one momentarily.


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  4. danielsion says:

    Reblogged this on danielsion's Blog and commented:

    Your Genecide WAS Subtle, 12 tribes, now it is blatent!


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