THE Rs of MARS: why you don’t remember


In warp speed everything catches up to you on Mars, except one thing; that’s why you don’t remember arriving.

Tomorrow the Rs of Mars”, the Annunaki promised.

  The Earthling ,who had just spilled over the  Reichenbach Falls with his host, looked at him, then at me, looked at my Mantis guide, then looked back to the Annunaki with revere and awe.
  ” If it is anything like going over the fallsssssss!  ” he nearly sang, I can’t wait!…just, uh, what is this ‘Rs of Mars’ you mention? ”

  The Annunaki looked at me  with the friendly “I-won’t-take-nofor-an-answer,” type look and pursed a  wry smile to me.
He had a way of doing this in a manner that made me feel he was letting me in on something-Just the two of us: our big secret.

If a smile could be described as “both ends conveying to the imagination to envision someone standing solid with both hands on his waist-akimbo”, that is what I imagined when he smiled.

” Well, I know how Sherlock Holmes felt going over the Falls”, the Earthling pressed the subject,
  ” I know you saved me at the last instant”, he turned completely to address the Annunaki,
” and I thought I was a goner! Whewww! Maybe I need something a bit calmer next time!”
He paused to allow the Annunaki to interject something-hopefully something about the Rs of Mars.
Nothing was forthcoming.

” Ooh kaaay, theen! What time do you want me here tomorrow?”, he asked his host.
  ” I will come for you.” said the Annunaki.
   ” you don’t know where I am staying.”  the Earthling jabbed playfully at the host.
  ” I know where you are at all times,” Came the retort- that retort and that smile akimbo.

I see that smile in my mind even to this day.

The Annunaki are a  people not unlike conjured discriptions of mythical races.
   Every detail of their form, stature and features are in perfect coordination.
   They excel in beauty in ways that escape Earthlings, their closest exemplarus.
   No other creature ,anywhere, fears or dreads them; quite the contraire, all creatures are drawn to them, and would, like myself, follow them anywhere. Everyone except one race__the Nephilim!

The Annunaki are argent in color;
How best to describe a lustrous and shiney white, with an opalescent, visible, silver aura?

They glow from head to toe!

They have silken white hair that is a blonde, elevated to a spherical level, the  locks of which, lie gently on broad and powerful shoulders.

    It is said that Emeralds have three shades of azure to green; This surely describes the celestial eyes this race of people have. And to look into those eyes is likened to the hue of oceans at dusk and dawn; the forefronts lapping gently at your gaze, while a more distant horizen exists in the wisp.
   Eyes that serenely view you with a righteous dignity which underlies their every emotion, gesture and duty.
Their resonant gaze is an un conquerable steadfastness that blinks not: wavers not.

While their stature is an imposing height of Nine feet, they do not get as tall as the Nephilim, who, as a race, hate them with an ancient enmity and have threatened them with a future Ragnarok,:a day of warfare and destruction ( and such wide spread slaughter, it is recorded in the stories, legends, Sagas and prophesies throughout the cosmos.)
In the Annunaki tongue, it is spoken of in the Thuatha de Danaan.
(  closely:Tu ah je dah na oon)

Their teeth are as white as milk and are as even as a precision tool manufactured by German artisans, though they are not flesh eaters.
The only way an Earthling could understand what they eat is to call it Manna, wafers of a substance known to them; perhaps only them.

   Their bodies are lacking in no smallest way in perfect assymmetry and they are clothed in a wool linen they call righmathrigh ( ree mah ree.  Pronounced with aspiration)  a white robe that drapes from their shoulders down to the paps (calves) of their legs. This righmathrigh is said to be royal; indeed  it  hangs handsomely on them in silent testimony of nothing less.

  The prominence __the very appearance of this personage, the Annunaki, as he walked away, reminded me of the graceful,unseen ease of a spring breeze in a Georgia Peach Orchid- his movements were  apodictic to the certainty, unity and strength of some mysterious and majestic poem being composed by motion;his motion.

   ” Is it just meeee?”, the Earthling queried,bunching up the muscles of his brows, ” or can that guy be a little intimidating?”

  My gaze continued its own involountary postulate of summer breezes and poetic portents as the Annunaki glided out of view.
Yes, indeed! Poetic portents… before the pother of storms.
” you are a guide, ”  the Earthling said, turning to the Mantis.
Why do you not tell us what the’ Rs of Mars’ is all about?”
    ” You did not ask me.”
” well, I am now! What is it?”

  The Mantis rubbed his two front, claw like hands across his face as if gently bringing ones attention to a special spot. Indeed it was a special spot; the brain area.
   The motion reminded me of the same gesture the Lizards make, except across the top of their heads.

The Mantis answered him.

” the Rs of Mars is the (R)Essemplastic (R)Eisoterica, that is to say, the place where the disparate things are shaped into a unified whole from within.It is also called Runic Rhyme.”

What does all that mean to wayfarers, travellers and visitors to Mars,You wonder?

” when you engaged warp speed, ”
the Mantis continued, ” all your parts caught up to you on Mars, within nano seconds-that is, all parts but one; that is why you do not remember your arrival.”

” Wait! hold on here!”, said the Earthling,  “I distinctly remember..the..uh..I…was..getting in… the..brambleweed! for crying out loud! I can’t remember!”

” Is this a dream? “, he asked my guide,
  ” I mean, uh, come to think of it, all of this is dreamlike…somnambulant!
  The Annunaki barely moves his lips___like you! ___You barely move your lips and yet, I hear you, but in an unfamiliar, dreamlike way!”

    ” that is because you do not need your inner ear drums, here on Mars.
Your nerve endings pick up the slightest vibrations.” , explained the Mantis.

  Earthling: what about our memories? what happened?

Mantis: On Earth, you would leave a room and forget what your were going after.Your mnemonic stem did not follow immediately. The similar thing happened when you entered Warp.Your Mnemonics protected itself from shock and trailed behind.”

Earthling: That is …it ..uh,  you almost made sense!; But this is too preposterous to be true.
   You are saying that somehow my memory is lingering back on Earth? For how long? Will it return?
   I did take the Shenandoah Cruiser, so I was here in about 37 minutes, right? And you are saying my memory did not make the trip, right?

Mantis: All in good time, Earthling!
  All will be explained to you tomorrow: how you are breathing in this atmosphere, how you are hearing, balancing, and ,most importantly, why you cannot go back to Earth, but first,Your Annunaki host will take you to the Library.( The Library) There you will experience the (R)Essemplastic (R)Eisoterica; the Runic Ryme.

Earthling: Runic Rhyme? sounds like a stanza from a poem by Edgar Allen Poe! What is this experience, exactly  ?

Gentle reader, You did safeguard your copy of my memoirs? NASA does not know you have this?
Remember in my opening chapter of My memoirs of Mars, I said:

I am not here and you are not reading this.

I will tell you what lay ahead for the unnamed Earthling.
He asked the Mantis what all the Rs of Mars meant.
The Mantis, according to his nature, replied very softly,but plainly:
    ” It means lobotomy”

  –  to be continued. Next:The Runic Route.



About danielsion

I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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