THE RHYME of THE RUNIC ROUTE ( part einz )


The English language is found in the Library under Corruptions.
( THE Library)

Scene: Gerrymander Dragon, Milky
Way Mansion. A Zhist is
entertaining the Lizards.

” Here’s my impression of an
Earthling on a Bicycle!”

(Lizards hiss and cackle with
laughter. They stroke the tops of
their heads with enthusiastic glee.
The Zhist waits for the laughter to subside)

“Why do Earthlings call it space?,
instead of calling it Alot of
( lizards laugh joyfully)

Sitting at a table, in the
periphery,an Earthling is heard
“Hahahaheeeeeeh! Woohahahaha
..stop it already! …You’re killing

This statement draws a rathe of
laughter. Even the Zhist rolls on the floor,kicking with all four legs in
spasmodic laughter.


The Lizards are rolling their eyes,
stroking their heads and making squelen sounds,

” ejukukuk! ejukukuk!
hahaha! eeeeejukukuk!
( ejukukuk- their ultraplenair of laughter
The Earthling ,holding his sides,leans toward his Mantis waiter and asks,
” what is funny?”
The Mantis flutters
his wings ( a sign of laughter)
and explains:
” well, no one emulates an
Earthling like an Earthling.( flutter
of wings )
See, you Earthlings, have
a humor known…and
accomplished… only by you!
Your analogies, metaphors,
similies…your metonyms… are
…well… precious stones! to borrow
from your analogies… jewels,
collected, published and placed in
a special room in the Library.
( THE library )
Example: ‘you’re killing me!’
Fabulous! You Earthlings are
hilarious! The Lizards are endeared to you; as are we all!

How do you think in this
likeness, ‘ killing me!’ or more importantly…Why do you think in this likeness? Hahaha!( flutter of

A sudden clicking, alarum sound, not unlike a cicada, brought the lofty laughter to a sudden hush.

Lizards,Zhists and Mantis, alike, began signaling and pointing to Earthlings.
Lipreading was necessitated to understand the subvocal
commands that immediately

“Take the Earthlings into the exochambre! Bid them be silent!”

The Mantis waiter shushed the
Earthling seated before him, striking a point toward his mandibles- a signal well understood to commence complete silence- he then beckoned for him and the other Earthlings to quietly follow and taking them from the inner lounge,
he explained that their cruiser had
arrived, not the one they were
expecting, but one they would
enjoy;they would begin boarding right away and continue to their destination:Mars.

He did not tell them that a Nephilim cruiser was hovering nearby and was activating listening devices.

The Nephilim are not a danger to
the inhabitants of the Milky Way,
they are unable to hurt the sentients whose abode they intrude; they could not catch them were it possible to hurt them. And quite frankly, the Nephilim have no
interest in them; being bullies, the Nephilim have a singular interest to patrol this galaxy-to find the ones they can easily hurt-They thusly and busily released probes to search and detect noises made by that kind: Earthlings.

I will leave the German language in the capable realm of the Ancient German apologists, the Braided tongue of the Scots to their apologists, the heavily coded language of the Irish to theirs, the Gaidhlig origins of Spanish to theirs,and so on respectively.
As for the English Language, it is, shall we just say, inadequate, to describe the Library? ( THE Library.)
I will diligently endeavor, with an exertion of effort, to describe, in English, what heretofore, has only been encrypted in the most gifted writings- Edgar Allen Poe Comes to mind

It is said that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon Two, was one of the seven wonders of the world.
Babylon Two is dwarfed, paled…it is minutia, compared to Babylon One, with its Library!
No reliable record, however, of this Library, ( not THE Library) has been publicised. There is a reason for this; it has not been found.

Babylon One lies dead, deep and dark off the coast of Iraq; since only Archaeologists, in sworn secrecy, even suspect its existence,it is likened unto a tree which has fallen: where a tree has fallen, there shall it lie.
The Library of Babylon One, was a commensurate gathering of known languages;
It was the wistful dream of the ravenous cannibal and Headhunter, Nimrod , to one day complete the massive Library, which was begun after the confusion of languages and which would stand ,as he swore to Heaven,” as tall as the Coillte-derug
and as massive as a thousand of them!”

( closely: collte-derug is pronounced: Kolche-Jeruk, a tree found today only in Northern California: a Giant Redwood.

Nimrod! Mighty hunter! Worshipper of Baal ( Naga-serpent-Dragon) and carrier of the Nephilim genome.!,

The Nephilim Genome! a structural story , an encoded autobiography in DNA lingua,that would defiently exhaust Earthling resources, if they found it.

Is there a search for the Holy Grail?
Not like there is for the Nephilim Genome!
It is TheForbidden fruit!

Nimrod! Worshipper of the Prince of the Air !( Bel Aire)

He advanced his worship of Baal, through a philosophy of “Atonement”, or At-one-ment.
He planned to bring the nations of the world together as one goverment; single in mind; single in purpose, and single in Baal worship!
This would prove to be a challenge,one which presented two troublesome details,
The languages of the world had been confused and scattered; infused and tattered: not only that, but their structures were
as staggering a science as DNA!
No problem! Nimrod was putting together a lingua-meta, a made up language he would force his united world to learn.
After all, how could they work for him- obey him- if they could not understand his commands?
His other problem was going to be a real disappointment to him, Someone from Seth , a very stalwart and mighty warrior, was on his way to arrest Nimrod, bring him back to seth for trial, or, if he resisted, execute him by decapitation!
Why Nimrod resisted was easily understood… He was a Giant!

” Just how are we able to breathe in this Martian atmosphere?”, the Earthling asked his Annunaki host,
” just as you did the day you were born!”

” But there is oxygen on Earth!”

” Did you know that?”

” uhhh, no!”

” you just breathed, like you are doing here!”

” but , so much carbon dioxide here, and..”
A small apian insect,flew into the earthling’s eye. It deposited a drop of liquid in his right eye and flew off just as quickely as it arrived.
” what was that?” (He rubbed his eye.)

“…the uh, less than one percent oxygen here…it…uh…say! That actually feels…GREAT! What happened?”

” You were lobotomized. Let’s go inside the Library now.”

– to be continued.


About danielsion

I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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