THE RHYME of the RUNIC ROUTE ( part zwo )


             RETURN TO EARTH

A Sudden Disclaimer
: my reference to Two Moons of Mars in no way means there are two moons,only two moons, or even one moon.
My reference to Mars does not mean there is only one Mars and it certainly does not mean you know which Mars it is. There is the Milky Way Mansion. 😉

I Found the unnamed Earthling Sitting on a white stone about the size of Goliath’s helmet. He was looking off into the direction that Phobos and Deimos commonly greet each other in passant.

It was evening and the Martian Skies Had commenced an eerie Display of colorful ghosts Dancing across the horizon.
The colors were not unlike pastels, The ghosts were not unlike shimmers and swirls, The dance was not unlike a soft shoe, But together, they were unlike anything displayed on earth.

” How did you like the library?”
( THE Library)
I asked as I approached,

“Have you ever robbed a beehive?”,he returned.


“Did you get stung?”


“Did you eat the honey?”


” Do you know the difference between the letter A and the letter R?”

What kind of question was that? of course I know the difference Between the letter A and the letter R!

“Do you mean the graphic representation?”

Maybe, but how does the Letter A differ in phoneme with it’s counterpart in allomorph?.. To answer your question,
the rooms in the Library are likened unto honey combs, you must take and you must eat. You will be stung, but If you cannot read( he hesitates) why go into the library, any Library?”

Before l could answer, he pointed to The apex of several Mountains not too distant And said, “Those are not pyramids,they are Runes!

He looked at me to make sure I was listening to him-and to see my reaction.

“They point to something.” he added.

“The tops point to something?”
My consternation was evident in my tone.

” Not the tops, but rather the serifs, buried below, point to something.”

I wondered what his former friends on Earth would think of him right now, Playing in his new sand box. It was indeed, a new sandbox, and I do mean former friends!

“Come and accompany me.” I heard my Mantis guide drawing near.

“What about him?” I nodded.

“He will join us later. Come, a group has arrived from Gerrymander Dragon, And I want you to witness their questions to the Annunaki

A group of Earthlings have arrived from Gerrymander Dragon, And they are going to ask the Aaanuuunaaakeee questions? I wouldn’t miss it!

We arrived at a ready-made platform, a stage, If you will, Not unlike an open-air theatre.
On stage stood anAnnunaki, Behind him was a 3D screen which displayed each and every question Presented to him.

1. Does Mars have hostile life forms?
2. What kind of government does Mars have?
3. Does Mars have a flag?
4. Are there any jobs on Mars?
5. Are there Movies on Mars?
6. Are there any diseases on Mars?
7. What is the life expectancy on Mars?

“Return to your ship.”,
the Annunaki told them,
” Along with your refreshments awaiting you there, you will find a packet with your answers enclosed.”

Here the Annunaki looked at me With that wry-bent smile I had become fond of, that smile suggesting to me that he was sharing some secret with me: just him, just me.

I turned to my Mantis guide. ” Why are they going back to the ship now?”

” They are being returned to Gerrymander Dragon, from there, Back to Earth. They will remember nothing of their journey in space but what we want them to.”
He assured me of this in case it mattered to me.
( in other words no one saw me here)
” I thought no one from here could return to Earth.” I reminded him.
” Once inside the Library, no one wants to return, you will see.”

” what happens if they do?”

“They are murdered! Truth is outlawed on Earth; has been for centuries.
Now, the packets have subliminal messages tucked in the text in hopes they will live better lives when they return to Earth.”

” Does it work-the subliminal instructions?”

“So far, No!”

NASA was,for a long time, sending reconnaissance and surveillance equipment into space. They were returning with no more information than a really good observatory could gather.
When NASA sent live, manned flights into space, The astronauts, one and all, returned with identical reports, Verbatim reports!

SIMILAR reports NASA could accept, But identical reports time after time? NASA realized this could not be possible.

what is going on out there? they wondered.

So NASA, In their secret facilities beneath the Denver International Airport, In collusion with the Greys,
Developed A.I.s-androids- to accompany live missions into space. It was called the CLM program,
Culminated Latent Memory.

The AIs,three to a mission, were programmed to record even if they went into a hibernated mode. Thus if they were tampered with, they would still record.
The missions returned and of course all the live astronauts gave identical reports as before, with nothing new to add to previous missions.The program was jokingly changed.
The CLM. now meant:’Curly, Larry and Moe, because the AIs returned with reports identical to the Astronauts,with nothing new, except they were slapping each other, poking fingers in each other’s eyes and babbling, Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk’

Something is haywire!


About danielsion

I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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  1. starsword says:

    Too good! And so pertinent, and so tragic how few will catch all the subtleties, but like all great works, it is ahead of its time, perhaps only noticed by those who study history honestly in retrospect — I love “Truth is outlawed on Earth; has been for centuries” — one of the greatest quotes I’ve ever heard.


  2. starsword says:

    Reblogged this on starsword and commented:
    Modern Classic humbly published on a beautifully obscure blog


  3. danielsion says:

    Thanj you so much comrade!


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    Great reading


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