The miserable lives of Powerball lottery winners. Be prepared To weep bitterly.


Playing the Powerball lottery Is a project, not a roll of the dice!

Here is a look at Some unhappy lottery winners, Many of them Powerball lottery Winners.

* William Post III won $16.2 million. Broke in three months. Crime, heavy spending and women.
Enough said.:)

*keith Gould. $14 Million in 2005.
David Jones ( PA wire ) wrote:

Keith Gould didn’t squander the majority of his windfall fortune- a group of con men did.
Enough said.

* Michael Carroll ( dubbed the ” Lotto Lout”)
Blew his entire lottery winnings on drugs and prostitutes and boasted about it.
Enough said.

Jeffery Dampier. $20 million 1996.
Lavished gifts on family and friends and opened ” Kassie’s Gourmet Popcorn” with his Sis-in-law, Victoria Jackson.
Victoria and her boyfriend tied Jeff up, bound him hand and foot and maybe…as a way of telling Jeff her illicit affair with him was over and she had a new boyfriend…put a bullet through the back of his head.
Enough said.

* Evelyn Basehore, New Jersey. won a total of over $5 million in 2 lottery wins. Lives broke,in a Trailer park today, thanks to Atlantic City slots.
Enough said.

Already worth $19 million, when this owner of a West Virginia, construction company won what was in 2002, the record for lottery…single winner…$315 million.
Let’s just look at the highlights.
~ flashes $ 550 thousand in a briefcase at a strip joint.
Oddly he is robbed…not once, not twice, but Jack likes to flash cash-and while at strip joints.
~ he gives $5,000 a week to his granddaughter who dutifully drops by every week to pick her check up, buys drugs and cars for her numerous boyfriends, oddly dies of a drug overdose.
* lawsuits keep jack forlorn and regretful- along with a horrible memory of a sweet little grand daughter, who used to get off the school bus and go straight to her Pawpaw’s house.
Enough said.

Is the lottery winnings responsible for the above mentioned cases?

What is responsible for the facts listed below? Since the rest of the world is so happy and well adjusted, Let us see how the lottery can be blamed for these:

* In April of 2010, Detroit is declared literally a “war zone”.
Crime is out of control- Crime as in murder,rape. plunder and pillage.

* At the same time lawmakers in Illinois declare ” Crime is so rampant that the National Guard needs to be sent in!”

* Phoenix Arizona Is declared the car theft capital of the world, Not by a few illegal aliens, Not by a thousand illegal aliens… Millions Of illegal aliens ” unable to find work find it easier to steal cars !”
Here’s Some nice advice from Phoenix Arizona’s website: Do not stay in the hostels over night, It is unsafe, especially if you are a woman.
Visiting Tucson?
Tucson’s website warns:
“Stay in town! do not go into South Tucson! You will be safer that way”
What else have the law abiding illegals ( I mean UNDOCUMENTED ) done? Driving south in Arizona, You will see multiple signs in English, Warning you to drive south at your own risk. The Mexican drug cartels have taken over!

* Want to know more about the gangs in New York? Enjoy your perusal through forty-one pages of Wikipedia. You can search them out in alphabetical order: Here is a couple of nice ones: ” Born to kill”
And this one: U.B.N. ” United Blood nation”
* The homicides in Chicago outnumber U.S. soldiers being killed in Afghanistan.
For more facts that point toward lottery unhappiness (?) Go to
Don’t listen to the black people declaring war on the white people, Believe your local news : ” it is not hate crimes!( and they keep a puzzled, convincing face! No idea how the brutal crimes are coincidentally on white victims and the savage attackers non-white)

* Want a hot dog from a vendor in the streets of Miami?
Hand your money through to him Inside his cage before he hands you a hot dog. About to walk into a store? Read the sign in the front window, Yes, the one with a picture of a ( big) gun pointed at you, That says in bold,black letters, Do not just walked in! knock first!”

* Some sources stated there are 100,000 rapes every year in America.
There is that many in Los Angeles County alone!
* The fact that America has 2.2 million people in prison Seems like An unjustified number Until you see the number 12- as in 12 million -crimes committed every year in America.

* What’s the great danger in prison? Aren’t prisoners rehabilitated?
No! The danger in prison are the prison gangs.

Pass me another tissue,sob..sob.aaaaaaggghhh!, will ya. Puh..puh… sob…puhleeze?

And No! I am not weeping for the lottery winners!

All of you reading this, who believe in prayer, join me right now.

Wherever a tree falls there shall it lie!
As a man thinketh in his heart so is he
As ye sow, so shall ye reap
If a cloud be full of rain it empties itself out upon the earth
Do not hasten to do mischief or to shed innocent blood; for God in heaven sees and will not be mocked
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife
Many strong men have gone in to her [ whore ] And have not returned, she is a deep pit
A man of understanding is an excellent spirit
It is not good to accept the wicked and overthrow the righteous in judgement.

Wealth and riches make many friends but the poor is separated even from his neighbor.


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I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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