Did you read a book quietly? Then it was not  worth reading!
                           -Daniel from Mars

I approached the earthling Slowly and studiously. He was sitting cross-legged looking out across a vista that can be best described in a word or two, but not in that same number of syllables! 呼吸到 ? Atemberaubend? захватывает дух? Eathbray akingtay?

” Good morning!” I say to him.
He: Sit with me and look out across the distance. You will not see what I see but you can look.

Me: What am I looking for?

He: What are you seeing?

Me: There are many beautiful sights out there; In the distance I see a spiral nebula! It seems to be pulsating constantly and moves like a vortex, Like a galactic maelstrom perhaps.

He: It is nothing compared to what lies here within. ( draws both hands and motions in a sweeping way from his head to his feet and concluding with gestures suggesting the eyes.)

There is a silence, a pause,  a moment for a lesson… a moment of seeking… a moment of asking…a moment of finding.

Me: You saw  the library? ( The Library)

He: Yes.

Me: So you were Lobotomized?

He: I was circumcised. That is the only way you can come into the library.

Me: I don’t understand,  what does sexual organs Have to do with the library?

He: Our sexual organs are temporal; they are for reproduction and that is all.
My pineal gland was circumcised. That is the only circumcision important here, now and at the Library. . It was called Lobotomy so that you could understand it better; I say better Because you cannot fully comprehend as of yet.

Me: It is a scary thought having your brain cut.( shiver )

He: That is on earth. The science on earth is perverted, brutal and Evil. It finds diseases for a cure and diagnoses death where life is in plain sight.

Me: ouch! Uhmmm, What was the library like? ( relaxing a bit)

He: It is built of massive geometric rooms, linking and stacking as far as your mind can conceive or your new eye can receive,
They conjoin one another, and have a system of references In every language ever known; natural or invented.
An entirely new language must be learned, however, to assimilate the references.

Not a single sentence in the library can be understood; not a single word!

What you think is your own language is not your own language. You must be circumcised or there is no help.

Me: When will you learn this new language?

He: I am learning it now as I sit.

A voice from behind me prevents me from asking anymore questions. I turn to see my Mantis guide.

Mantis: The Annunaki have sent for you. Will you accompany me?

Me: Why, Yes! Of course!

We arrive to a structure of such complexity that it serves as a grave doubt to you, eager reader,that you scarcely would believe it to exist. however; I insist that you fully open your mind, keeping it still : do not let your mind wander! The Nephilim( NASA) are watching!

The walls were more like a living water, Moving upwards and downwards, The waters sensed my presence and parted for me, not unlike curtains drawn back.

I entered into an arena With tables set before me in semicircle.

Before me sat twenty-four Men of giant stature. By giant, I mean, they were of perfect proportion, mass and weight and were each at least 9 ft. tall, and a few of them exceeded that by another 3-4 ft.

They were dressed in what I will call Robes and mantels. They each had long silver beards that radiated with an incredible and intense power and beauty.

I felt most unworthy in their presence.

I began to sniffle…sniffle to catch my breath. I felt my throat constrict, My eyes water, And my right knee began to jerk.I knew that, in speaking, my voice would crack.And it did.

The center most Annunaki spoke   first; He was dressed as the others, except,I noticed, that his mantle had a purple hue -more to the blue side and was soft like a pastel.
His eyes were an unworldly Emerald, With a luster that seemed to breathe with its own life.
His voice was charming; it was the sound of ancient mariner’s sirens, It was the sound of tranquillity, It was the sound of a peaceful and fullfilling solace to the ear; It was full of power!

He: You will remain here on Mars And be tutored. You will return to Earth ,afterwards, when you are ready.

Me: Will I be Lobotomized?

He: Yes. Circumcised.

Me: Will I see the library?

He:  You will see greater than that!
For now,ask anything you wish, we will answer you. You may ask each of us a question.

Me: Why will I be sent back to Earth? I was told it cannot be done.. a return that is.

He: There are others we wish for you to meet. ( smiles )

Me: Who are they?

He: You will know at the given time.

Another Annunaki addresses me.

He: Your first question?

Me: I am disturbed that I return to a planet where so many children are starving to death. The Annunaki are so much more advanced, Why do you not help?

He: When you sit in a restaurant and feast sumptously, Do you think of starving children?
When you go to your market and purchase copious amounts of food, Do you think of skeletal babies?

Me: No. ( I hang my head )
Well what about war? Isn’t war always in the name of religion?

He: War is in the name of evil and greed. After each war both the Religious and the non religious share in the spoils.
None are righteous; Not the war mongers,not the populace that send their children to the war, not the ones who go.

Me: What about self defense?

He: Hold a mirror to that. What defense do you see? You procreate merely to wage war, to raise vast armies, every child you raise testifies to that. What toys do you provide for the child? Are they not toys of weapons? Your Films, are they not most violent and horror laced?
Is not your language embedded with war? war on drugs, war on alcoholism, war on poverty, war on racism, and war on opposing Politics?

Is it so inobvious to you what you have become; your race?
From the beginning, it was not so!

Me: So, why send me back?

He: To tell them that we are coming.

Me: Who will listen?

He: A few chosen.

Me: And the others?

He: we will plead with them. ( smiles )

Next: Amazing truth concealed for ages.j


About danielsion

I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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  1. starsword says:

    I don’t know who you are, or where you’re coming from, but you write on topics that are way too close to the actual to be considered pure fiction, sir! It messes with one’s brain! These subjects and characters are not mere fiction! It is as if K.A. Applegate wrote her whole ‘Animorphs’ series on the Illuminati and the Masons and those who are aware of them and fighting against them!

    Anyway, great writing, I enjoy it as always, keep up the good work and don’t give up!

    –Michael Basham


  2. danielsion says:

    Correction: The Earthling’s name in my memoirs, I recall, is Michael Bradshine, his real name is Michael Brad Shine. 🙂


  3. starsword says:

    Love Michael’s difference in names. . . never caught before the connection between NASA and Nephilim – that’s a mind bender!!


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