The U.S.Constitution is grossly inferior…

FRIEND! It safeguards the
Moneychangers, not you!

Note: The words I have enquoted
are the words you “understand.”
(stand under ) but do not know the
meaning of.

In my humble attempt to explain
why the President of the United
States and a Congress filled with his cousins, along with
a Senate filled with his cousins, in collusion with a
supreme court and Federal
“judges”, his cousins ,with Anti God Governors- cousins
and other leaders- cousins do what appears
to act contrary to the US
Constitution, and do so with
impunity, I offer this for your
consideration and pensive
awakening .

Because of Public Schools, you are
illiterate, and cannot “read”.
Read me?

The opening words to the
Preamble to the US Constitution, is
worded by and for Bankers, (
“money” changers )
You did not know your Founding
Fathers were Bankers who quickly
set up Banks for Usury ( Debt )
after the pretended Revolution of
1776? They hid it in plain sight!

First, understand one thing:
Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin
Franklin and the other “founders”
were “money” lenders, and

They had no authority
whatsoever to meet and “ form a
more perfect union”.

This is the
real reason they met in secrecy
and why Bankers still do meet in
secrecy today: For their own
I am going to walk you through the
Preamble: first, to open your eyes;
then I will show you some
pertinent parts of the Constitution
you have been hypnotized into not
seeing. Mainly because of the first
few “ Amendments” .

We the People…

Unless you are a Banker, the real
rulers on this planet, this does not
mean you!

You are the PEOn and they are the
PEOple. I put that as simple as I
could. You are the pawn, the
cannon fodder, the collateral, Chattel, goyum and,
you are the ones they fear greatly-their enemies.

Bear in mind, GOD is not
mentioned in this Constitution;
however the goddess “Liberty” is.
…and secure the blessings of
Liberty.”( want to explain that huge
statute in NY city, the wife of

Could I be wrong? Not the slightest
What does “common” mean?
Let’s look at some more words that
convey similar and sinister
meaning hidden in plain sight and proves Moon worship, another form of Satan worship:

Matrimoney( then Honey Moon )
And this jewel : DIAMOND.

Here are the words again:

Cere MOON ious
ComMOON wealth
Dia= god, Mond= MOON’d= Moon
god ( Satan ) Diamondsare
forever..? Dee ah moond= Diamond.

Got that?.

“In order to form a more perfect

This means there was already a
Union ( the Colonies= the COLON
of the BODY- England. By the mere
usage of this word, the “ colonies “
admitted to being the bowels of
England. No? Then why not use
another word- “America?” for instanstance. And BTW, will not hear the intoned worded ” United States of America again. Not by the corporate executives of THE UNITED STATES any way.
What? you say the United States and the United States of America are the one and same?
No! They are not.
The United States of America was the union of the States that formed that Union.
The instant the Southern Delegates left Congress ( never to return) Said union perished.
Surely you can see that.
Abraham Lincoln was no longer rightful president- if he ever was- of a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
Ponder this! It is essential for you to see that the very folks partly responsible for the Union and Lincoln’s presidency just walked out!
Lincoln had no authority to declare war and there was no legal Congress left to convene. A usurping Corporation sprang from the malfeasance of the Yankee( English) aggressors and invaded the Southern States.
And Get this: Without holding lawful Court to see if any wrong doing was assignable to the Southern States!

What do you think “ New England” means ?

“To establish justice, insure
domestic Tranquility, provide for
the common defence, promote the
general welfare, and secure the
blessings of Liberty to ourselves
and our posterity, do ordain and
establish this constitution for the
United states of America.

Few documents could compare to
this specious ploy, framed by
deceitful word smiths, to deceive
present and future generations into
believing the money worshipers
who defeated the early Church and established a system of
“Debt”, debt was clearly understood in the13th century to mean; sin:trespass.
So the “sinner” owed the authority
a payment…with usury ( interest ).

The U.S. Constitution plainly states
that all “ debts” contracted and
engagements entered before the
Did you catch that one?
They went from
“establishing” a constitution to
“adopting” a constitution.
“shall be as valid against the
United States under this
Constitution as under the

The “Revolution” sent the Colonies
right back into debt to the Bankers!
What about the Shameful,
gluttonous, sodomite lovers in
power today in the “United States”?
Are they not “violating” the
Constitution, say, the 2nd
Absolutely not! And here are the
two reasons:
1. Article VI, section 2 states this:
“This Constitution and the Laws of
the United States which shall be
made in the pursuance there of,
and all the treaties made under the
authority of the United States shall
be the supreme law of the land and
the judges in every State shall be
bound thereby, anything in the
Constitution or laws of any State to
the Contrary, not withstanding.”

See how the Moneychangers
locked the Constitution-and you-into debt prison?
Any Treaty that the United states
enters into demanding that you be
disarmed, sold to the highest
bidder, forced into Sodomy camps, public schools, parks, restaurants, etc.
That enforces Abortion on demand,
“civil rights” “women rights” is all under ( but not lawfully)
the supreme statute of the land. not LAW OF THE LAND.The
Treaty would be called: THE
2. Your Masters have determined,
actually predetermined, that the
2nd Amendment does not give you
the private right to own, carry, buy,
sale or trade a firearm. They have
allowed you to believe you have a
“constitutional right”
They are
subtly removing that at the
present.As you can see.
You have the privilege to destroy
the baby in your womb, ladies, but
not the right to privately own a
weapon. Banker owned Courts
have consistently agreed that the “
well regulated militia” mentioned in
the 2nd Amendment is the State,
and the State only.
I leave you with one more thought:
(I do have dozens more!
The words to “ insure domestic
Tranquility” is very cleverly crafted.
See how INSURE
is spelled? It means something
that is insurable.
There is another word more
suitable,unless the framers did
mean INsure.
The word is ENsure. It does not
carry a synonymous meaning
leaving the door open for
insurance merchants. Can “
domestic Tranquility” be insured? (
police protection for the malfeasiants in office)
You be the judge, debtor!


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I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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