The “sexual harassment ” of Women.

Next time you are in Wal-Mart  or other Public places, pay attention to the two small children throughout the store. They are usually 4-6 years of age , one a boy, the other a girl.
Notice the boy is dressed entirely in generic clothing.
Now see the little girl!
She is dressed as a HAY STREET HOOKER! Her face is painted rouge, eyelids out lined and lips painted.
Notice the immoral message printed on her shorts? Of course you do! Mommy has her daughter wearing shorts that do not cover her daughter’s buttocks!
How dare you women complain about sexual harassment!
*Keep your breasts inside your clothes!
*Keep your private parts private!
* stop finding creative ways to Flash!
*Above all, stay off the cover of magazines, bill boards and pretended art shows!
Say ‘ No’ to pornography !
How dare you come into public enticing the public then pretending to be offended!
#Stay at home woman!
Stay at home and contemplate every possible meaning of the hand that rocks the cradle
I promise you Satan has contemplated that very thing!


About danielsion

I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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10 Responses to The “sexual harassment ” of Women.

  1. rozaliadame says:

    Although some women dress themselves and their children in a manner that can be see as inappropriate, not all woman do so. Not all woman welcome catcalls and remarks, some do. Some men feel the need to remark, politely or rudely, about a woman they see.
    It would, however, be nice if it was done in an appropriate manner, just as woman should dress in an appropriate manner. To demonize women though because of what /some/ woman choose to wear it not right.
    To generalize is the downfall of good sense.


  2. starsword says:

    Great to see you back in the Zone, friend! Fight for the children! My other friend/former Super Soldier in some kind of weird Illuminati program just published a very pertinent article on the same subject of sexualization of children on Dr. Henry Macau’s site a few days ago.

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  3. alwaessurius says:

    You are absolutely correct.
    I truly believe the rape crimes would drop by well over 50% if women dressed as modestly as the Bible commands – as like a Amish woman – and stayed at home as the Bible commands.
    It is truly shameful the way women dress today, and how they dress their little girls, short skirts, tight tights, pants so tight they surely had to grease themselves to get into, tight shirts with low cut neck lines revealing breasts, and then the rude tasteless immodest whoreish beach wear.
    Anyone who does not agree with you are they who enjoy looking at these women, and little girls, dressed so unmodestly.

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  4. It is truly gross to see the way some women dress lately. I don’t want to see cleavage and buttocks and all that. Even the men with their underwear showing is a show of disrespect towards everyone who has to look at them, but of course our media-enemies will be encouraging people to be as corrupt and disgusting as possible. Putin has passed a law in Russia making it illegal to insult other people’s religious sensibilities, and this includes pro-gay propaganda, but also should include public dress that promotes lust and disrespect for women. Russia also happens to be the last place on earth where white Christian people are not persecuted for being white Christians. It’s no wonder our enemies want a war between America and Russia, since this will surely wipe white people off the planet. What will be the result of that can be seen in South Africa today.

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  5. danielsion, you are my best and only fan. 🙂


  6. This is what America will be like when the NWO gets their way:
    ” From Wiki “According to the report by the United Nations Office on Crimes and Drugs for the period 1998–2000, South Africa was ranked first for rapes per capita.[2] In 1998, one in three of the 4,000 women questioned in Johannesburg was raped, according to Community Information, Empowerment and Transparency (CIET) Africa.[3] While women’s groups in South Africa estimate that a woman is raped every 26 seconds, the South African police estimates that a woman is raped every 36 seconds.[4]

    More than 25% of a sample of 1,738 South African men from the KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape Provinces admitted to raping someone when anonymously questioned; of these, nearly half said they had raped more than one person, according to a non-peer reviewed policy brief issued by the Medical Research Council (MRC).[5] Several news publications wrongly extrapolated these results to the rest of the South African population, given reported rape prevalence several times higher in the two provinces in question than i.e. in Mpumalanga or Northern Province.[6][7] Nearly three out of four men who admitted rape stated they had first forced a woman or girl into sex before the age of 20, and nearly one in ten admitted doing so before the age of 10.[5] A survey from the comprehensive study “Rape in South Africa” from 2000 indicated that 2,1% of women aged 16 years or more across population groups reported that they had been sexually abused at least once between the beginning of 1993 and March 1998, results which seem to stark conflict the MRC survey results. Similarly “The South African demographic and health survey of 1998″ gave results of rape prevalence at 4,0% all women aged between 15 and 49 years in the sampled households (a survey also performed by the Medical Research Council and Department of Health).[8] So far no attempts have been made to address these large statistical disparities.”

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    • danielsion says:

      The genocide taking place right this instant is and has been targeting the white race. Few Christians ever get past John 3:16 and somehow believe that they are supposed to inordinately love the enemies of their white race and the enemies of God.
      Failing to comprehend the command to sell one’s coat and buy a sword and to OCCUPY until his return, the Christians ( SAUL,PAUL called these folks CRETINS and liars: any dictionary correctly identifies these CRETINS as present day Christians)
      The brutal slayings of White Boers ( Farmers) in Africa, after the rape of the women, then the Cannibalism, is a testimony to Satan’s children, The Canaanite ( land of Nod) bred Negroes.

      For ages these worthless parasites have smeared dung on their huts, their faces and lived off the victims that feel a Christian duty to host.
      Now their ilk is in the White House, the Federal benches and the U.N as well.
      Useful tools of another parasitic race- Khasars. Which have fully deceived CRETINS everywhere into believing they are GOD’s chosen.
      After these Khasars have poisoned and murdered the true princes on this Planet and stolen lands and holdings of our people, they feel they will succeed in wiping out completely our race, heritage and birthright. Which is impossible.
      Many of our people will die. But not all and we need only a small band to awake, rise up and conquer, once and forever this evil seed.


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