The Eerie Basement where JonBenét Ramsey died



It is my understanding that the Checkerboard floor in the basement of the house where Jonbenét Ramsey lived-and died- is still checkerboard as it was when Jonbenét Ramsey was murdered in 1996-it has just been modernized for resale.
JBR shown doing a dance routine with the Checkerboard floor and dress.

The theory that Jonbenét Ramsey was murdered ritually begs the question: by whom-Satan?
the claim that “Jonbet” is a nickname for Satan is unfounded. A search for jonbet turns up only more scholars trying to link that claim, Jonbet, to Satan

Is the murder consistent with sacrificial murder?
Was the unidentified DNA belonging to a male, discovered in the girl’s panties, along with a portion of her blood, not suggestive enough?
Why could it not be discerned if the DNA was from saliva or semen moisture?
And why even ask if it was merely a question of Saliva or semen?
And why not tell the readers that DNA from two other- different males- and another female was present?


A still shot from the movie BEETLE JUICE.

Perhaps the ,uhm,ritual went wrong and the Murderer(s) did their best to complete a ritual by placing the girl’s body under the Christmas tree?
And, aw, Gee why not disclose that Patsy Ramsey had given her daughter a look alike doll for Christmas- wrapped similar to the way her Daughter’s murdered body would be found wrapped ?
Did any one mention that Pasty Ramsey also chose Purple to decorate the Christmas tree with that year only?
In Patsy’s words, color purple represented the sacrificial robe the Saviour wore to his execution.
She said her choice to do that and the gift of the look alike doll were premonitions.
Did she mean Premeditations?

Would the girl , or any victim, have had to have been carried- preferably walked – across the checkerboard floor, then to a room up the stairway, to accomplish the assault if it was a ritual?


Among her several titles Jonbenét Ramsey was Colorado’s Little Miss Merry Christmas . Notice the brick Chimney JBR is sitting on?
Not peculiar for “Little Miss Merry Christmas” but in addition to other Masonic Symbols, this is noteworthy;Brick walls turn up inordinately in movies and posters. The brick chimney staged for Little Miss Merry Christmas’ last public appearance would be clever indeed. Yes?
JonBenét Ramsey was doomed to end up under a Christmas tree but as a present for whom by whom?

Would placing the child’s body beneath the family Christmas Tree have been the final action in a ritual sacrifice though other things may have gone other than planned?
The Father, John Ramsey, reportedly did just that- placed her body under the Christmas tree in plain view of Police officers.

Was John Ramsey a Mason?

A scene from The Matrix notice the illumination on the checkerboard floor?
could be Masonic. Burying Jonbenet Ramsey in a Cemetary in Atlanta on the 33rd Parallel could be Masonic.
Having her date of death on the headstone reading 25 December 1996 when her time of death was affixed at 26 December 1996 could be Masonic.
But was John Ramsey a Mason and more importantly: was the owner(s) of the unidentified DNA Masons?
Were they a cult using Masonic symbols?
Does Satan have DNA?
I do not know,

but wasn’t that an eerie basement JonBenét Ramsey died in?


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I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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6 Responses to The Eerie Basement where JonBenét Ramsey died

  1. I keep seeing the checker board floor too and it has it’s source in the word ‘excheqre’ which is the root word for the bank ‘check’ and the word ‘exchange’ and at the whole idea of paying taxes. The joke for them is that, while the rest of us are arguing over religion and science and race, all that matters to these people is the power to collect taxes. Everything else is just a path toward gaining that power.


    • danielsion says:

      Very interesting! I have also traced it ( using your information here as a springboard) to Masonic Chess and other symbolism.

      I hope to see you do an article on numbers. I viewed a portion of a YouTube you posted.
      I cannot view most YouTube’s. I have only a phone to get on line with. I live very simple and abrogated. This phone spends more time buffering than it does linking. Haha.
      I have no problems ( usually ) reading text, but YouTube proves too much for the limited high speed data that comes with the monthly renewal on this Trac phone.:)
      I would like to give you my email.
      And hope to hear from you and others.

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