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The Illuminati proof.

It rained all night the day I left. Advertisements

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I am Thought Police. Any thoughts on this?

Hi! I am agent Shurnuff! I work for Whom Land. Security. There is a great mis understanding usually about What we agents, Thought Police, do. Mainly we sit around on the computer and watch your Facebook and Pinterest. We are … Continue reading

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THE RHYME of the RUNIC ROUTE ( part zwo )

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???????????? RETURN TO EARTH A Sudden Disclaimer: my reference to Two Moons of Mars in no way means there are two moons,only two moons, or even one moon. My reference to Mars does not…

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THE RHYME of THE RUNIC ROUTE ( part einz )

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The English language is found in the Library under Corruptions. ( THE Library) Scene: Gerrymander Dragon, Milky Way Mansion. A Zhist is entertaining the Lizards. ” Here’s my impression of an Earthling on a…

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a href=””>     Traveling at speeds well under warp,was still  slightly too fast for my camera, so the images are a little blurred. Getting past the Greys to leave Earth, was not the problem;…

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My new book: Eraser

This is me in the photo; What I do not tell is that I am Amish. Once I tell that, I must write another book. This is my friend Annabelle, being herself. She claims she hitched a ride from NASA. … Continue reading

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Where I was is where I am.I am my own great-grand son.

My ways are old ways. Horse and wagon. motion is impossible; an arrow in flight is at rest. -someone you should meet. Pretend we will never meet- Sorrow Then know we will never meet.- Happiness. Silence is your greatest communication … Continue reading

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