My new book: Eraser


This is me in the photo; What I do not tell is that I am Amish. Once I tell that, I must write another book.


This is my friend Annabelle, being herself.
She claims she hitched a ride from NASA. I painted this portrait of her sans the space ship she rode here on.
She lets me think she is from ” the Red Planet” but will not say exactly where she hitched that ride from. NASA laughs , snorts, coughs, and  at one time, farted, passed gas, When I asked about where/when they picked Annabelle up.
One ” Scientist” spit his coffee out.
And Annabelle just holds a ,ah, finger up to her mandible, mouth and “shhhs” me.

I digress. My old book,AMISH: NEEDED BUT NOT WANTED, has so many erasings that I now have blank pages.
I wanted to explain how the Amish way of life ( horse and buggy) and worship of God would appeal to even cosmopolitan sinners and ‘orrible Atheists, alike, but No! The automobile reigns supreme; It has killed entire families and continues to kill more people than all the wars America has started fought.
Once Guns are taken away from maniacs, they will still have their motor car.
There is more. I can disprove evolution in one paragraph! Why do teeth rot? Hair fall out, heart wears out? Why do we still war? Why does the body rot away with age? And why does…uhmmmm, whatchucallit….memory somethingorother?
That is another blog.

Where was I?
Paintings? oh, yes, My new book, ERASER
It is about all the advice I have for the world and I recommend you  read the Prologue first: I use a pencil. It is easier to erase than ink.

It rained all night the day I left.


About danielsion

I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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7 Responses to My new book: Eraser

  1. swamiyesudas says:

    Hello, Daniel, Very Happy to come across Your site. I gave a ‘Follow’ straightaway, after reading One post of Yours. Very Good.

    At first I did not like Your calling/likening Your friend to a Praying Mantis, but, as I kept reading, saw that You were not derogatory.

    For the net, I would call Your blog: ‘Strikethrough!’

    Very Good Work. Keep it up. Love and Regards. Yesudas. šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • danielsion says:

      Greetings my new friend!
      You are a candle in the dark cave of blogging. I was drawn to your post.
      My friend, Annabelle, the praying Mantis, is a character in a story I wrote MY MEMOIRS OF MARS. It is a spiritual comedy/drama.
      It is unfinished and I used the image of her and have yet to actually introduce her.
      She looks fierce ( what Mantis does not?) But she is lovely and cares very much for the human race.
      I have not worked on the story for a long time.
      As for following me, thank you. It reminds me to follow you. I got distracted and did not. Thank you for what you offer in your blog, Yesudas! Accept my embrace, lovely friend.

      Liked by 1 person

      • swamiyesudas says:

        My Dear Daniel, glad to come of You!

        The character of Annabelle sounds interesting. Am waiting to read it. …Yes, time is an old enemy, both Yours and Mine! (Time is a Friend, too, of course!)

        Thanks for Your positive feedback. Hearty Regards and Love from my side too! šŸ™‚


  2. Love! You’re intelligence shines through your writings šŸ™‚


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