The Illuminati proof.


It rained all night the day I left.


About danielsion

I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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2 Responses to The Illuminati proof.

  1. I get a kick out of the false identities, but by far the best, even better than the fake POPE (Inspector Cluseau) is the one where they [allegedly] pass off Elton John’s man-hubby, David Furnish, for the Princess of Wales, Diana. Pushing the illuminati envelope, for sure:


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