What saith the law of Moses: How do he read the Law? LUKE 10:26)

Irma Grese ,#9, found guilty at the Nuremberg trials of impossible hideous acts of brutality. Her Military Police guards refused to escort her to the gallows, one hangman refused to hang her, then committed suicide. The second hangman refused to hang her and a third, a liar Jew, volunteered and slapped the young lass repeatedly and then tied her noose so as to strangle her for over three minutes before she died.
American officials proclaimed Pinocchio’s god’s will done.

It rained all night the day I left.

I have studied scripture for over 55 years and Yet I find the Coveted question in Luke 10:26 A resounding wave from the Ocean depths.
Over and over I see blogs from some Christians- who should know better- that just reek of cookie-cutter dough instead of tempered mortar. I call these lazy Christians Pinocchio.
This gibberish comes to mind:
No, Pinocchio!! Your sinful justification finds no cove here. The Law is the Law.
The Saviour said he did not come to change the Law. What part of not do you fail to comprehend?
Understanding what LAW is would help, I have watched the world go from bad understanding of Scripture to NO UNDERSTANDING of Scripture among these John 3:16 Pinocchios. And of due course, the world gets worse while “spirit filled” puppets serve their Jesus- Loves -me -cookies to each other and laud each other to ad- nauseam . While they sing ” sacrifice of praise” hymns. (?)
Stop the war! Rejoice ye heavens! Pinocchio is singing!

There are crafters among you, O Pinocchio!
There is a lion that seeks whom he may devour.
The children of the serpent- remember him from Genesis 3:15?
He is real! His seed is real! His seed is out to get your soul!
He is known by his fruit: war.
The Bible plainly reveals WHO this seed is, yet Pinocchio refuses to believe it. Pinocchio believes that the serpent seed is God’s chosen- because they say so- when 1John 2:22 plainly spells it out. ( as if Revelations 2:9 was not plain enough)

It is true in his ( Pinocchio) everyday life.
For instance:

(1)The State ( Pinocchio’s real god) said, NO MORE PRAYER IN SCHOOL
So Pinocchio, shuffled his feet and said, Aw shucks! Okaaaay!
Never mind that the Bible Commands us as parents and grand parents to teach our children our selves! not in State schools.
(2) The State said NO MORE TEN COMMANDMENTS displayed in Public.Pinocchio shuffled his feet and said, Aw shucks! okaaay!

(3) The State, ( Pinocchio’s god) said a State Licence is required to Marry.
Pinocchio proudly displays his License on his wall.

Besides the fact that “Licence” is permission to do that which would otherwise be illegal ( Bouvier Law Dictionary) and I ask ” spirit filled ” Pinocchio when was it ever illegal to Marry? God commanded us to Marry now didn’t’ he ?
Also the words of protestant preachers performing the ceremony are, ” By the power invested in me by the State I pronounce you……”
Did you read that? No mention of God.

Pinocchio’s god said murder of unborn babies was THE LAW. Sounds like Baal- Moloch to me.
Aw shucks!

It rained all night the day I left.

(4) Pinocchio needs a licence to hunt, fish, build, conduct business, and to travel. ( travel is called “driving” )
Never mind that a “driver” is a paid chauffeur and ” passenger” is the one paying. ( Law Dictionary )

Actually, “spirit filled” Pinocchio needs his god’s permission to perform even the lowly task of work. You do have your Social Security Number,(SSN) Don’t ye, Pinocchio?
Say, Pinocchio, have you tried living without the (SSN?) to buy sell or trade?

Revelation chapter 13 anyone?

Ask any Old Order Amish how Living without a number is accomplished.

I could go on ranting-Mainly Pinocchio sends his children to die in Israeli ordered wars -Satan’s “Democracy.”
Now, Pinocchio is called apon to accept perversions of Science, sexuality and conscience as normal. Aw, shucks, !

Grace only ?
You better hope so,Pinocchio, Fire hot!
More importantly, Pinocchio, prays to Jesus for a new car, a bigger house, for his favorite ball team to win and to heal his —————– of cancer.
Jesus is Pinocchio’s water boy, not Ghunga Din.



About danielsion

I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( well..cough...you All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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17 Responses to What saith the law of Moses: How do he read the Law? LUKE 10:26)

  1. Excellent. And very sad. I just spoke to a German woman and now I know how zombies are made. They are made in schools, and they are made from non-stop lies 24 hours a day until people are convinced to hate their own selves and to believe that all religions are the same, even Satanism, and they talk around in circles then come back at you with a knife stab because if you tell them to defend themselves and their children they hate you for it. Zombies will eat your brains, for sure, so stay away from them. The Amish have the right idea. Now if only the rest of the world would get it.

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  2. Abhijit says:

    Hey, what are all those comments of you on my article???🤔🤔

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  3. swamiyesudas says:

    My Dear Danny,

    Complements of the Season. I write this without knowing much about Your practices, and with Love and Good Wishes.

    Your post here is very well written. Yes, Mankind is prey to Apathy, which is how I put it. No Interest and No Concern except in making money. Values, Goodness, Concern for Others, even for One’s Children, all washed out.

    The money makers make the laws. But as You point it, it is Satanic, that Religion is almost done away with. They allow Rantings against Religion, but no word may be spoken in its favour. Satanic.

    There is Much I could write, but I will stop myself, as all I would like to say are in the same vein.

    About Irma Grese. …Have never been too good at history, except broadly, and this one defeated me. And Mr Google, in almost all top searches, presents her as a War Criminal of high order. As such I could not make out in what context You have brought her in.

    Much Love and Regards. To You and the Whole Family. Keep up Your Good Work. …Yesudas.

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    • danielsion says:

      My gracoious friend, Yesudas.
      Do not feel overly defeated in the Irma Grese case.
      This lovely 18 year old peasant girl who barely weighed 45 kilograms ( 100 lbs) accepted a job as a mail clerk. That is all she became. She had applied through SS offices to the STATE for grants to study nursing.
      Her accusers- none were able nor required to offer proof- said she was a ” Nazi SS”
      Right away a flag went up in my mind:
      It is heavily rumored that the SS hired females; no documentation exists.
      This 45 Kilogram 18 year old went through a thorough background check. The State,nor the SS accepted anyone with a criminal background.
      Are we to believe this young lass terrorized 30,000 women inmates…ordering SS men to shoot inmates on her word?
      Did she bludgeon a woman to death with her “silver plated gun” during lockdown when an unnamed witness saw her through closed and battoned Windows?
      Speaking of ” unnamed survivors” Irma sat day after day in trial that was such a mockery that American judges and lawyers made notable protests.
      She listened as ” witnesses” told one fantastic story after another about her obviously super ability to beat two inmates heads together into unconsciousness.
      And her ” huge dog” which tore inmates savagely while she stood arm in arm with her” BOYFRIEND”
      Smiling approvingly.

      My entire research on the Nuremburg trials in their entirety is a blot on sinner and saint alike.

      No ” Survivor” was questioned about their fantastic stories, nor asked why other stories from ” survivors” were grossly different.

      No where has a hatred so malicious and far reaching been visited upon a people as it has on the German people who live today under an ugly ugly burden of guilt.
      Imagine a young German today living with that unbearable guilt.
      Oh, and in this Democratic” nation of Germany today, if you say the words: The Holocaust did not happen!” You will get 5 years in a ” reeducation” camp. ( prison)

      I feel defeated often in trying to sort out black pepper from fly droppings.

      am happy in my mind that A young girl, incapable of the madness attributed to her was hanged without a fair trial while U.S. “liberators” watched silently.
      The best to you you this coming year, my friend.


      • swamiyesudas says:

        My Dear Danny, Thank You for these lines.

        About irma. As I have stated earlier, do not have much of history, that too European. Nor do I have a call to go into this case.

        As I see it, she need not have been in the SS itself. If she was a guard/warden, and A WILLLING ONE, that counts.

        And Women weighing Far less have committed enough Crimes, not all Bloody.

        Miscarriages of Justice Have happened, and I do not say that irma’s was not one of those.

        But leaving irma aside, I do take, seriously, the growing Neo-Nazi trend.

        You have chosen to substitute Jew and Liar, and Pinocchio and god, and God in small case. I notice that. And, ‘Pinocchio sends his children to die in Israeli ordered wars.’

        As in the post, I too do not subscribe to Sola Fidei – particularly in the way it is interpreted, or things like that.

        After reading Your comments here, I wonder just what You mean by: ‘Jesus is Pinocchio’s water boy.’



      • danielsion says:

        If you were not called to the Irma Grese case then why were you questioning me so critically?
        You have made a point of differing with me and it is obvious now that I pose some threats to your comfortable bubble.

        Great! Let me begin by saying I make No Apologies for my research none what so ever.
        I make none to you and I make none to Pinocchio who thinks that Jesus is there just to get him a good job, a big car, a big church- cathedral, a fat check, a beautifully adorned doll for a wife, a private plane, and in essence…making Jesus out to be nothing but a water boy.
        I do not Capitalize Pinocchio’s God out of respect for the true God.

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      • swamiyesudas says:

        My Dear Danny,

        Let me stick to Your ‘Pinocchio.’ In Your article, You had struck out the word ‘god’ and substituted Pinocchio in its place.

        As far as my Most rudimentary knowledge goes, Pinocchio was the boy known for telling lies.

        I do not mind if You want to use him as the archetype for those who USE God, if that is even possible, for their own ends.

        I know there are plenty of those, and I abhor them.


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      • danielsion says:

        Well stated My dear friend; rudimentary is a good word. It set the stage for your Initial defense of CLAIRE quoting a worthless trash mouthed, woman abuser as Chris Rock. You can view him on YouTube spewing more filth than you can bear.
        He is filth.
        Irma Gese was a clerk. That is all. She received mail and answered the phone. That made her vile?? That made her worthy of a kangaroo court which sentenced her to death?
        Chris Rock who openly hates white people and trashes women ranks a quote AND a defense while the biggest lies in history get honored daily?
        My soul does not rest in the quibble of ” injustice” it rests in the expulsion of it.
        Injustice had a cradle and hands that rocked that cradle.
        The Bible smacks those impostors ( claiming to be Jews and are of the synagogue of Satan) in the face and clearly warns other believers that they are of their father the devil.
        Perhaps you did not know that “Israel” is a phoney satellite nation of edom and is the largest Welfare parasite on the blood of the the US. And the world,
        They control your banks.you cannot see that?
        The Saviour took a whip- he braided it himself- and he drove the money changers…bankers…out of the temple .
        These Monsters over ran Palestine, killed the Palestinians, and renamed the settlement ” ISRAEL”
        This is All through the very powerful Jews in Chicago, New YORK, New Jersey, Amsterdam, Berlin and Indonesia and Singapore. On and on!
        Their ” footprints” match that of Edomites the Bible clearly informs of and whom God will destroy every last one of them when ” BABYLON THE GREAT HAS FALLEN”
        MORE and more evidence mounts daily against these bloody murderers and if we cannot look at Hollywood, NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, BILL BOARDS Radio programs and the music industry and not get a perfect fit for the edomite foot, we then just do not want to!
        The Bible plainly…plainly…exposes these Edomites ” pretending to be Jews” yet Christians become belligerent and offensive when you point out that these ” Jews” are liars and children of the Father of all lies

        Where I differ with you also is in your statement that you are not called to take up the Irma Gese
        You and I met for a reason.. God arranged it undeniably!

        Now you know nothing of Germany and the war the Jews declared on them in 1933 in the headlines of the Jewish owned new York Times.
        Yes, my friend it is all up front.
        Germans begging for bread while Jews owned everything from bread stores, jewelry shops to the entire legal profession.
        Berlin was the cesspool of the world. Pornographers from Hollywood were openly displaying homosexual plays and movies. Every kind of child pornography and Mother- daughter prostitution imaginable. Sri Lanka was mild compared to Hollywood infested Berlin.
        Hitler cleaned that up and sent ” Jewish” Hollywood packing back to America where they plotted and declared war on Germany.

        I defy anyone…anyone.. to sit down and explain how six million ” Jews” were put to death….that is 8,000 A day.. 24/7 for 4 years and Germany fought a debilitating war at the same time.
        8000 bodies a day! Think of it
        YET I find a news clipping where these liars claim 600,000.000 died in WWI as well.
        Over 40 years of tiring research, Yesudas I have labored.

        If I am wrong I will tell God that I am wrong by my own works. I will not blame anyone else.


      • swamiyesudas says:

        Thanks for taking the time for that long response, my Dear Danny.

        I never watch youtube, or Any videos.


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    • danielsion says:

      Oh, in searching on Google, try words like *The truth about Irma Grese.*
      Over the years others have watched as Google removes sites.


  4. danielsion says:

    My phone capitalized Pinocchio’s god just now. I did not.
    Furthermore, your lack of education in the matter of pretended Jews. Is annoying me! Read Revalations 2:9 and then couple that with 1 John 2:22.
    If lights do not come on for you then you are just being pig headed and cannot not accept that a monsterous and Demonic people the bible calls Children of Satan are posing as Jews.
    You do not like NEO Nazi. Fine. I know nothing of them. Yet I fear nothing they have to say.
    I do fear the Children who have died in wars caused by these liars mentioned in Rev. 2:9 and 1John2:22.
    From our first meeting you have tried to master and manage me.
    You would do well to shut up, sit down and let me teach.
    Understand the Bible you read from Genesis 3:15 to the coming judgement if these horrid Baal worshipers.

    If you cannot learn from me, fine, but do not dare impugn my research.


  5. alwaessurius says:

    I, Irma

    I grew up in oppression
    In a State of Depression.
    A Depression constructed
    Our lives are destructed.
    Abused, and hungry.
    TZerrorized in poverty.
    A enemy rulled us:
    Yes, Edom preyed upon us.
    Then a flicker of hope, a light,
    A hero who taught us to fight.
    He loved us more than life.
    A bullet he took fighting strife.
    Then we rallied about him.
    We hailed and adored him.
    Our country, lives, morality.
    Our joy, wealth and dignity.
    By him it was brought:
    the filth of enemies wrought.
    Oh for joy we knew happiness.
    For a fleeting time no sadness.
    We tasted freedom so good.
    We loved it, as any man would.
    But it was not to last, so sad.
    Though we fought against bad.
    The world was turned awray.
    To fight against us: but why?
    The lies of elites and politicans,
    to cast us back into oppression.
    They bombed us and raped us.
    They murdered and defiled us.
    Women, children and wounded
    the world so calouslly targeted.
    1 millon german men corraled:
    died of thirst, no English cared.
    Now they hunt us as if vile.
    Telling lies the world they rile.
    War criminals they do scream.
    (freedom was but a dream).

    Irma Grese was just one, of many Germans, falsely accused of crimes never commited.
    The real criminals where released to try them, defame, demonize, and hang them.
    Why? As a warning to all who would dare to rid themselves of the parasitical Edomites who rule us.


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