Write a poem about me.


Write a poem about me. I will soon land on the cilia of your mind. I will take your pollen and I will fertilize other minds with your goodness.I will have greatness to share with others because of your magnanimity! I will take from your regal wink and nod and give to the poor- those destitute of dignity and honor.


Write a poem about me. I am with you in your darkness and I witness you languish in a darkness brought on by blackened, remorseless denizens .
My light pierces the dark and I see you when you feel unseen. God sent me. Some wonderful unspeakable day, I will testify that I saw God in you when you felt empty and alone. Thank you! Thank you for that wonderful example! I was Most proud to accompany you through that lonely and dark Valley.


Write a poem about me. I am on a journey. We will meet. Will you know me? My Faithful and brave horses pulled their load as I know you pull your own heavy load.
Write a poem about me.


Write a poem about me. I have medicine for you. I am the herbs of the field. Eat and be well.
know that when you look at me I feel your eyes upon me.
How can I not? A child of the most high Saviour, an heir to Gilead, and the shores of Galilee just looked upon me.
One day you will feel that mounting joy you crave when the blessed eyes of God bathe you in splendor as you have bathed me with your blessed eyes.


Write a poem about me. I see you walk in my fields. I find you terrible to behold-a frightful beauty.
You were made in the Image and likeness of God.
I tremble in your presence! I offer you my image to behold in your gentle understanding.
Write a poem about me. Write until you Understand every possible meaning of likeness and of Image.


Write a poem about me. I lived as you. I loved. I dreamed of a future filled with my children and theirs.
I was young in a world darkened by hideous war yet I sang hymns and meaningful folk songs.
I was loved as well!

I embraced and kissed the holy kiss to my never to be-in this life- husband, and bid his brave and loving countenance goodbye.
My enemies spoke evil of me and falsely accused. And though my guards refused to escort me to the gallows, and two hangmen refused to hang me ( one committed suicide rather than perform the dastardly deed) I was hanged in a brutal manner.
A Jewish Hangman volunteeered and slapped my face repeatedly as he slipped a noose around my neck that was fitted so that I would slowly strangle.
American and ” Allied” officials stood silently as I kicked and choked to death.
After Three minutes I let go and went home to my saviour.
A Bible verse should come to your mind: rejoice with me as you read Luke 6:23

“rejoice  when all manner of evil is spoken about you and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven for so did they persecute the prophets before you..”

Will I see you in Heaven?
I do hope so! It is up to you.
I will rush to the gates and welcome you.I will embrace you and sing a song of your redemption. I will sing of your life’s struggle and your victory.
Write a poem about me. Do it now. The Angels will recite every word!

Write a poem about me,
Oh! Write a poem about me and begin to see God.


About danielsion

I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( well..cough...you All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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18 Responses to Write a poem about me.

  1. swamiyesudas says:

    My Dear Danny, at first I thought it was all about just ‘Nature,’ and You have very Powerfully brought it out to Justice and many other Beautiful, Grave and Important points.

    As far as the capability of writing Poems is concerned, I am a Big Fat Zero. But as You know I write, and keep writing, often perhaps very badly, in my Love for Creation.

    I consider You one of those who ‘Hunger and Thirst’ for Justice and all those Good things. Hunger and Thirst might sound as Ordinary words, but they were used by the Lord Himself. Powerful.

    Complements of the Season, and Much Love and Regards to You and the Whole Family. 🙂

    We ‘shall’ meet in Heaven, and We ‘shall’ recognize each/one another!



    • danielsion says:

      My what wonderful words you have in your heart. Sweeter than wine is a drink of water to a thirsty man. You are right, I thirst for righteousness. And I have seen as it were, princes walk while servants ride. I have seen the Scriptures speak when the righteous were silent. Presently in America, Donald Trump is ” running” for President. Many folks claim he has been long awaited. He makes enough money in one year to feed Everyone…Everyone… Who must find food in a trash bin. We call it ” Dumpster diving” where people ” Shop” for things they cannot have otherwise. Years ago I was touched…nay, WOUNDED by the words of the saviour, ” sell all that you have and give to the poor, and come follow me.”
      I did just that. I gave all..everything away, and I wandered for 5 years living from my backpack. Eating only what was given to me and asking people I met…HOW READ YOU THE SCRIPTURES?
      I own nothing yet after all these years. I type on a phone given to me. I live on a piece of land by permission.
      Do you know what I have learned after all these years?
      I am not immortal. I am not ” saved” by poverty…or riches. I am not even saved until I endure ( maturing) until I lay down this corrupt flesh at the altar of GOD and not the coffins of Man.
      Not the headstone that reads, Beloved one whom we shall miss.
      But rather a cry from some distant and High place saying, DANNL! Dannl! The saviour arrives and calls for thee!

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      • swamiyesudas says:

        My Dear Danny, generally I always speak things as I see it. Now too, I speak from the Heart.

        You are the Most Impressive man I have had the grace to know. I decry the fact that I may not meet You. But, Heaven is there.

        Compared to Most priests, I am a Beggar. I have less than a thousand rupees in my bank, and such.

        But compared to You, I live like a prince. I have too many things, which all prove useful to me, of course. And none of them is a luxury item. But.

        Accept my Heartfelt Salutations. I am sure You might be embarrassed by this, and would not even ‘want’ it. But, just take it as a Positive Stroke.

        I am Proud and Happy that You have called me Friend.

        There are No Ifs and Buts; the Cry Shall come for Thee, DANNL.

        Shall be very much in touch with You. God is with You and Walks with You. You have Answered His Call. Walk on in Your Journey.

        With Much Love and Regards,

        Your Friend, Yesudas.


    • danielsion says:

      Oh, Yesudas, in my poem WRITE A POEM ABOUT ME, I show a picture of a wagon drawn by my wonderful horses. Faithful and brave they were. I was on my continuing journey. The Horses were stolen by a man who embraced me heartily and called me brother. He left me and My wife stranded with no horses. We survived with God’s help though we went through several other predators pretending to help us. Not everyone who calls you brother, is a help and not everyone who slaps you is an enemy.
      God Bless you Yesudas!

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      • swamiyesudas says:

        Wonderful words, Danny: ‘Not everyone who calls you brother, is a help and not everyone who slaps you is an enemy.’

        I hope those experiences have made You Wise as Serpents!

        My Regards to Your Wife. What about Your Children? Would Surely Love to see photographs of You all. Put them in Your ‘About.’ 🙂

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      • danielsion says:

        Tha k you for undeserved kindness to me. I have posted a photo. Forgive me for being vague but this is the internet. While my Bishops view this photo as a sin, it is one that reminds me of a joyful reunion. My sin is unto God.

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      • swamiyesudas says:

        My Dear Danny, What is this Undeserved-Fundeserved? Fully Deserved is the Word.

        I went to Your site and tried to find the photo, but Your site seems to hide it well.

        As for Bishops, I have had contact with quite a few, and know many others, and out of the hundreds who must be there, only 3 have impressed me. That making it negligible, We shall Ignore them and Carry on.

        I am not even sure what ‘sin unto God’ means. Any way, God does not waste time with ‘minding’ things like these, in my opinion!

        So, Do send me a clue as to where You have posted that photograph.



      • swamiyesudas says:

        So, found Your photograph too, and am VERY happy to see You all, as I have mentioned it in a comment there! I am Smiling, Smiling, Smiling! 🙂


  2. danielsion says:

    Yesudas, someone gifted me some money today. I would Luke you to use it. Use your bank account and set up a PayPal account. I will send it to you .


    • swamiyesudas says:

      That is VERY kind of You, my Dear Danny. But, aren’t YOU the one who needs it more, with a family and all?
      I do not have a paypal a/c. And I wonder if it is even necessary. The few times I have received some monies from abroad, it arrived successfully to my account.
      The Indian govt taxes gifts or monies more than a certain limit. Can You tell how much the amount would be, please?
      Kind Regard and Love. Yesudas.


      • danielsion says:

        I do not have a way to get you the gifted amount right now except PayPal. 20 U.S. dollars was given to me because I give it to homeless and beggars. I saw the picture you posted of the little girl selling flowers and the man eating from a dumpster ( dumpster diving) and I thought how nice it would be to send that 20 to you and have you use it as you are able and need to.
        PayPal is free and A friend of mine would send the money for me. From time to time I could send what people give me.
        America IS a wealthy country. Even our poor have refuge and a shelter where food is available.
        I have met homeless over the years and I have found that many of them although are hungry and must sleep in the fields will not ask for so much as water from anyone.
        Many years ago, on my journey, I came upon a man with a water hose . He was washing his pavement with the water.
        I was thirsty extremely and asked him water from his hose.
        He looked at me harshly and said, I DON’T HAVE WATER. GO AWAY.
        I never asked another soul for so much as a drink.
        When I have something I know that it is not mine.
        The Saviour once said, ”

        The Birds have a nest… The Son hath not where to lay his head…”

        So twenty Dollars would do so much to make a life brighter.

        I must tell you this story…one of so many I have..
        My wife and me rode bicycles about 4000 miles. Winter was harsh and one day a man handed me a handful of money. He did not count it.
        He said, a record snow storm is coming. Get a room for you and your wife. We did. We travelled through Philidelphia, the ” City of brotherly love” ( not)
        I passed a man… A foreigner.. who was blackened by road soot and whose shoes revealed blackened and sooty feet. He was sitting crouched on a sidewalk grate beside a building to capture the heat from the vent.
        I gave him a ten dollar bill and watched as he held it before him in disbelief.
        I rode several feet on my bicycle feeling good about the help I just gave.
        Suddenly The saviour, Yoshu, we call him, spoke to my heart and broke it.
        What the saviour said next was also a sweet slap to the face.


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      • swamiyesudas says:

        My Dear Danny, Thank You for taking the time to write all this.

        Always Glad to meet a fellow brother in the Lord. Really Glad I have come to know You, and Your Experiences with the Lord.

        The recent photographs that You mention are taken from the Internet, though We DO have grinding poverty in Our area.

        Most of the money I receive does go in helping my fellow human beings. I happily Eat at about 20 cents a meal, but my most expensive expense is proving to be the internet, at about 12 dollars a month, though I save by Not downloading Any videos.

        …I tried to open an account with paypal just now, having gone into their pages. But… they are asking me to give them not just my e-mail id, but also its password. This makes me uncomfortable. Not that I have anything private there, but the idea of a third party, (the e-mail provider already has my password!) having it does not sound good to me.

        If You try to send it through a bank, they may charge the high heavens as commission.

        May I Request You to give it to some Poor person in Your own area? Seems this would save us all a lot of bother.

        Ending with Love and Regards to the Whole Family,



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  4. alwaessurius says:

    I, Irma:

    I grew up in oppression
    In a State of Depression.
    A Depression constructed
    Our lives are destructed.
    Abused, and hungry.
    Terrorized in poverty.
    A enemy ruled us:
    Yes, Edom preyed upon us.
    Then a flicker of hope, a light,
    A hero who taught us to fight.
    He loved us more than life.
    A bullet he took fighting strife.
    Then we rallied about him.
    We hailed and adored him.
    Our country, lives, morality.
    Our joy, wealth and dignity.
    By him it was brought:
    the filth of enemies wrought.
    Oh for joy we knew happiness.
    For a fleeting time no sadness.
    We tasted freedom so good.
    We loved it, as any man would.
    But it was not to last, so sad.
    Though we fought against bad.
    The world was turned awry.
    To fight against us: but why?
    The lies of elites and politicans,
    to cast us back into oppression.
    They bombed us and raped us.
    They murdered and defiled us.
    Women, children and wounded
    the world so calouslly targeted.
    1 millon german men corraled:
    died of thirst, no English cared.
    Now they hunt us as if vile.
    Telling lies the world they rile.
    War criminals they do scream.
    (freedom was but a dream).

    Irma Grese was just one, of many Germans, falsely accused of crimes never commited.
    The real criminals where released to try them, defame, demonize, and hang them.
    Why? As a warning to all who would dare to rid themselves of the parasitical Edomites who rule us.

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  5. alwaessurius says:

    Thank you for thinking of one brave young woman worth remembering. Irma Grese.
    May we all be so valiant.
    Never give up!
    Never give in!

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