Your ship is sinking. When will you know?


The Captain knows the ship is sinking.
At best he knew before leaving port that it probably would sink, based upon intelligence and clarity of that intelligence.
At worse, He had been foreworned-play on the word forewarned.
The discovery of an English submarine stalking the ship – true event, 1945, is agonizing to the Captain but not a surprise.
Maybe the German Captain prayed, maybe he stuck his chin out proudly and waited for what was coming…the end of his mortal life and 15,000. Yes, 15 thousand men women and children.

When did you know a torpedo struck your ship far from shores and in icy waters?
Did you need to be told the English did it?
Did you get some warning, anything before or- God Help us all- as you boarded the vessel?
Yes! Considering the Times: WWII,  your gut told you that fate would be dark and cruel this trip.

Fast Forward to 2016.
Your ship is sinking.
Your captain knows it. The crew now knows it. When will you know?

The oil and banking industries are the “English” stalking you. They know the  ship  they own is sinking, but they are not on it with you and those you tenderly love.

Trust me;  The  guilty will be visited  later.

For now, pause and ponder the horror of those fathers, mothers, sons and daughters sinking into icy graves. The pitiable looks as loving faces disappear beneath the frigid waves. Then and now.
In spite of early and repeated warnings you boarded the Oil Company and Banker vessel and still you will not know the treacherous truth until the torpedo which is now enroute, arrives and drowns millions and millions this time.
And that is vury Intersteen!


About danielsion

I am not an Historian and I am not a Reporter. I am not from Mars-two-moons. I Never saw Naga. I never saw his prisoners.( All are its prisoners) I know a little something about nothing. The Annunaki never spoke to me.The Nephilim never grew more than 30 feet tall .And more importantly: NASA is not looking for me...yet. I dream of whirled peas.
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6 Responses to Your ship is sinking. When will you know?

  1. swamiyesudas says:

    Well said, Brother Daniel! 🙂

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  2. homerbuford says:

    Reblogged this on homerbuford and commented:
    Every Christian should read.


  3. danielsion says:

    Thank you! I hope all is well with you!


  4. Glad to see you still going strong, old friend. I haven’t been off planet much recently in research or in prayer as things are getting so otherworldly down here on good ol’ planet Earth. Good to see you as one who is aware of the sinking ship!


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