The ‘Well, Well, Well, Lone Gunman ” in 1912

Well, Well, Well, !

Another lone Gunman. ” Insane” , attempts to kill Roosevelt. in 1912
Never mind that Roosevelt showed the crowd gathered to hear him, a ” Bullitt riddled” Manuscript produced for the crowd to see, and “two bullit holes” were seen.
Every contradiction is all quoted from the same newspaper that day, but the gunman was subdued before ” getting a second shot off”. Said the Newspaper.
If you think the ” magic bullit” comedy of the JFK ” assassination” was hard to accept, you will see from this article, that the plot of unbelievable staging is nothing new.
Well, at least in the JFK assassination, JFK did not continue his motorcade just because his head was … “Wounded.”

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Pope Francis Issues Legal Edict to All Public Officials of the Roman Curia |

The Pope’s deadline for MOTU PROPIO nears. 2016

“Pope Francis makes a law..destroys every Corporation … “- Reddit

Leave the door open for flies to come in?
Do you reeeeeally want hoardes of worthless medicated, certifiably insane, and dangerous  CONSUMERS given ” Liberty”? Think on this!
Besides those hordes,  2700 protestant churches of one kind or another…teaching absolute rubbish… are seeking whom they may devour.

“HELL’S ANGELS ” Motor cycle club is a registered ” church” 

Worthless entities worldwide, on medication to the highest level..either hearing voices or inviting them, e.g.  Hillary Clinton “talks” to Elenore Roosevelt. Clinton’s Religion: NEW AGE
You want to talk to Spirits? If they are so wise, why are they DEAD?
   Several of YOUR neighbors talks to ” spirit guides” yes, YOUR neighbors.
You want them released from invisible restraints such as ” incorporated entities”?
While you commit sodomy, or allow it, While you ” Marry” same sex, while you ” live in” with a ” partner” while you smack your pork in open…OPEN..defiance  of God’s law, while you murder unborn babies and murder neighboring tribes for oil?

AND this is ONLY a tip of your disobedience to GOD’s laws which YOU declare ” Liberty” from!
You dare accuse the CHURCH of hiding paedophiles while you openly grant them amnesty in San Francisco, the ” Gay Bay”?

While you eat anything and ” try anything once” you dare call othe “incorporated persons” evil?
You want the Federal Reserve abolished: You want Corporate America disenfranchised, you want Gold returned to Natural Americans, you want the IOU system, paying off IOU with another IOU. stopped
But you want to continue YOUR lawlessness as GOD sees it!
And your own System of Sin to pay off Sin
Your neighbor’s children are being raised by lawless, medicated, atheist parents and you want responsibility given to those parents?

Oh no! The church has no authority in my life! I want to be free to do exactly as I want…no restraints!

You tout this mantra all the time, criminal!
And in your announcement soon thereafter you want to expell GOD and free the medicated,murderous, and malignant zombies from their self-sin created Hell.

For centuries BIBLE THUMPERS warned your parents, their parents, their parents, their parents AND THEIR PARENTS that enslavement was coming!
Now with the stroke of a pen, you think to be free?
You Quote JESUS all you want to and John 3:16,


Your only way out is to repent.
REPENT that is your only remedy!

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STRAWMAN: The Real Story Of Your Artificial Person –

I do not normally repost. There are other more important things. This is one of them.

It rained all night the day I left. The weather it was dry.

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Billings Montana


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I never miss a train.


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I am the ocean you visit. No picture needed.

Hello! I am the ocean you visit. I send waves to greet you; Some are gentle and lap at your feet.Some are savage and take you away.

I do not love you in ways you can understand; Nor do I hate you in ways you comprehend.

Come get wet. Choose the wave and enjoy it. One day I will choose a wave to send you, Alas, you will be in the Mountains when I do.

Hello!I am the wind you flee from.
I am sometimes a gentle breeze.I play in your hair. Sometimes I am a savage storm that takes you away.

I do not love you in ways you can understand, nor do I hate you in ways you comprehend.

Come set sail! I will take you to get wet.Choose a high wind, choose a low- enjoy it.
One day I will choose a breeze and send for you. Alas, you will be in The Valley When I do.

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Write a poem about me.


Write a poem about me. I will soon land on the cilia of your mind. I will take your pollen and I will fertilize other minds with your goodness.I will have greatness to share with others because of your magnanimity! I will take from your regal wink and nod and give to the poor- those destitute of dignity and honor.


Write a poem about me. I am with you in your darkness and I witness you languish in a darkness brought on by blackened, remorseless denizens .
My light pierces the dark and I see you when you feel unseen. God sent me. Some wonderful unspeakable day, I will testify that I saw God in you when you felt empty and alone. Thank you! Thank you for that wonderful example! I was Most proud to accompany you through that lonely and dark Valley.


Write a poem about me. I am on a journey. We will meet. Will you know me? My Faithful and brave horses pulled their load as I know you pull your own heavy load.
Write a poem about me.


Write a poem about me. I have medicine for you. I am the herbs of the field. Eat and be well.
know that when you look at me I feel your eyes upon me.
How can I not? A child of the most high Saviour, an heir to Gilead, and the shores of Galilee just looked upon me.
One day you will feel that mounting joy you crave when the blessed eyes of God bathe you in splendor as you have bathed me with your blessed eyes.


Write a poem about me. I see you walk in my fields. I find you terrible to behold-a frightful beauty.
You were made in the Image and likeness of God.
I tremble in your presence! I offer you my image to behold in your gentle understanding.
Write a poem about me. Write until you Understand every possible meaning of likeness and of Image.


Write a poem about me. I lived as you. I loved. I dreamed of a future filled with my children and theirs.
I was young in a world darkened by hideous war yet I sang hymns and meaningful folk songs.
I was loved as well!

I embraced and kissed the holy kiss to my never to be-in this life- husband, and bid his brave and loving countenance goodbye.
My enemies spoke evil of me and falsely accused. And though my guards refused to escort me to the gallows, and two hangmen refused to hang me ( one committed suicide rather than perform the dastardly deed) I was hanged in a brutal manner.
A Jewish Hangman volunteeered and slapped my face repeatedly as he slipped a noose around my neck that was fitted so that I would slowly strangle.
American and ” Allied” officials stood silently as I kicked and choked to death.
After Three minutes I let go and went home to my saviour.
A Bible verse should come to your mind: rejoice with me as you read Luke 6:23

“rejoice  when all manner of evil is spoken about you and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven for so did they persecute the prophets before you..”

Will I see you in Heaven?
I do hope so! It is up to you.
I will rush to the gates and welcome you.I will embrace you and sing a song of your redemption. I will sing of your life’s struggle and your victory.
Write a poem about me. Do it now. The Angels will recite every word!

Write a poem about me,
Oh! Write a poem about me and begin to see God.

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